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Tree Removal

Whether you need tree branches trimmed to help clear your view, dead wooding or a complete tree removal, Total Tree Care Ltd have the equipment and expertise to do it for you. 

View Clearing

We specialise in removing / trimming difficult trees in confined areas. Clearing trees can make a huge difference to the light that enters your house as well as your view outlook.

Dead Wooding

Over time branches and limbs die off and can either break or become vulnerable. If you have concerns about a tree we can come and inspect it for you, to avoid limbs breaking in high winds or storms.

Tree Removal

We don't recommend removing trees yourself, this can be dangerous if you don't have the right tools and experience.


We can also advise if the tree is "protected" and requires council permission before any work can be undertaken.


Chainsaw felling tree
Tree Arborist up a tree
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